Which courses are offered by ShareWORLD Open University




  • Master of Business Administration
  1. Good Governance
  2. Financial and Investment
  3. Human Resource Management
  • Master of Arts
  1. Mass communication
  2. Diplomacy and International Relations
  • Master of Science
  1. Managing Rural Community and Community Development
  • Master of Public Health
  1. Health Promotion
  2. Health Service Management
  3. Environmental Health
  4. HIV and AIDS



  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Public Health
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development and Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Managing Rural Community Development
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Permaculture and Community Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting

How many campuses does ShareWORLD Open University have?



How to Register for a specific program




  • Please visit our campuses in Blantyre adjacent to Mount Soche Hotel in the Building of Christian Service Commission first floor along Mbayani Road.


For Lilongwe Campus its along the M1 Road Near Waka Waka Restaurant off katete Road.


For Mzuzu Campus its along Luwinga Road in the former building of CSC House previously occupied by ABC Radio


  • Purchase an Application Form for Bachelors K1000 and Master K2500
  • The form requires
  1. Two passport Photos
  2. Copies of ALL academic certificates including transcripts (Photocopied)
  3. The form has academic and social references that have to be completed as well
  4. Payment of Assessment fee and Application processing needs to be deposited into our bank account provided when purchasing your Application Form.
  5. After Submission of your Application please wait for 7 Days to collect your Conditional Offer and Acceptance.
  6. Student Registration

Visit http://shareworld.melimu.com/registrationand follow steps required.

  1. Payment

ShareWORLD Open University does not accept cash payment but bank payment deposit slips.

  1. Subscription

All students after being admitted are required to pay an annual fee for the usage of

Online assignment submission platform

  1. Contact

For more Enquiries

  • For issues Concerning Information

Contact: 0888871308                                                                     Email: aleleyanimakawa@gmail.com

  • For Issues Concerning Admissions

Contact: 0999714448                                                                     Email: ndalama@gmail.com

  • For Issues Concerning Payments Finance

Contact: 0995891600                                                                     Email: tanangac2015@gmail.com

  • For Issues Concerning Student Online Registration

Contact: 0997109310                                                                     Email: ukonyani@gmail.com

  • For issues Concerning Human Capital Services

Contact: 0998675140                                                                     Email: bensongunde@yahoo.com