Year 1 Course Name Course ID
1. Criminal Law LLB-100
2. Legal Systems, Methods and Legal Research LLB-101
3. Constitutional and Administrative Law LLB-102
4. Law of Contract LLB-103
5. Introduction to Business & Management Principles IBM102
6. Economics/Computer Fundamentals and IT ECO105/104
7. Business Communication COM101
8. Intensive English ENG110


Year 2 Course Name Course ID
1. Land Law LLB-200
2. Commercial Law LLB-201
3. Family Law LLB-202
4. Wills and Succession LLB-203
5. Accounting for Non-Finance Managers ACC206
6. Law of Tort LLB-204
7. Industrial and Labour Relations Law LLB-105


Year 3 Course Name Course ID
1. Jurisprudence LLB-300
2. Company Law LLB-301
3. Conveyancing and Legal Drafting LLB-302
4. Law of Trusts, Settlement and Estate Administration LLB-303
5. Research Methodology REM304
6. Entrepreneurship Studies EPS302
7. Human Rights Law LLB-304


Year 4 Course Name Course ID
1. Civil Procedure
2. Criminal Procedure LLB-400
3. Law of Evidence NW412
4. Legal Ethics and Advocacy LLB-402
5. Clinical Legal Education LLB-403
6. Business Ethics BE401
7. Environmental Law LLB-407
8. Independent Project IP406



Year 2 Course Name Course ID
1. Public International Law LLB-206
2. Media Law LLB-207
Year 3 Course Name Course ID
1. Law of International Trade LLB-306
2. Intellectual Property Law LLB-307


Rules and regulations for Admission to SOUMA

Admission of applicants will be based on consideration of individual academic attainment with experience and recommendations. Admittance of students who are physically, mentally or emotionally challenged will be accepted at the discretion of the University’s Admissions Committee. Students with slight to moderate learning difficulties may be admitted if it is believed that their needs can be dealt with by the University’s Educational Support Programme and the students can be placed in the regular classroom for most subjects.
Entry to the SOUMA programmes will be open to ALL applicants that satisfy the following:

  •  Certified valid full FINAL Secondary School Certificate or equivalent with credit passes in English, Mathematics and any one Science subject AND acceptable passes in another three subjects.
  •  Mature career oriented applicants holding a full Secondary School or equivalent with at least three years experience in Business/Finance, or HRM oriented field or any relevant field of work with  documented competence and expertise in the specific knowledge and activities backed by strong recommendation from the employer.
  •  A Level certificate holders with business orientation who have at least three principal
    passes and an aggregate score of 12 points will receive subject to subject exemptions in
    year 1 and/or may be admitted into second year.
  •  Holders of Diploma, Advanced Diploma, HND and Professional Certificates from
    recognized institutions will be considered entry at an appropriate level commensurate
    with their awards.
  •  Applicants as per 1 above may be subjected to an aptitude test covering four areas: English, Mathematics, Reasoning and Analysis and General Knowledge which one must attain a minimum of    50% pass WHILE applicants falling under 2 to 4 may be subjected to an interview covering, inter alia general global business knowledge.
  •  Final selection of the above applicants to SOUMA is competitive and on merit based on the basic aggrega: initial entry requirements plus results of the aptitude test and/or the interview.
  • Entering University?

Have you been looking at universities in Malawi, Zambia, South Africa and beyond? If you are keen in obtaining a professional career-focused education, we urge you to learn more about SOUMA. Remember, not all universities are created equal. At SOUMA, we are ‘Primus Inter Pares’ – FIRST AMONG EQUALS.


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