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(Dear Friends, Colleagues, Esteemed Would be Students, Admires, & Visitors,

“When you choose a university you are making a big investment decision for your future and therefore you need to give a careful consideration to all its information available. In today’s society, there is a genuine need for a University that offers its students quality academic and professional career education in an atmosphere of personalized attention. Share WORLD Open University Malawi (SOUMA) offers professional career educational programs that prepare them to enter their chosen career field upon graduation and excel beyond limits, competing well with any other students worth the salt. At SOUMA, each student is considered an individual, and the University strives to be aware at all times of the needs of each member of its student body. The faculty of SOUMA believes that professional career education instruction is an art as well as a science. It is a dynamic process that develops both the skill and the intellect of professional career-minded individuals in its society. Professional career education is an interactive process on which the future of society depends. Graduates become professionals who are critical for future economic growth. SOUMA’s goal is to train professional career-minded individuals by offering an education that produces an employable, skilled, responsible and accountable person. SOUMA students are prepared to provide professional skills necessary to meet the projected needs of society. Inherent in the goals established for SOUMA is the belief that learning takes place in a variety of ways. For this reason, SOUMA curricula are flexible and incorporate previous knowledge and skills. SOUMA affirms that all members of the academic community share responsibility for establishing, implementing
and evaluating its educational programs. Further, SOUMA believes that members of business and industry must also participate in this process, thus why consultations with the captains of business and industry are made when eve loping new curricula.

Finally, it is the philosophy of SOUMA that no person shall be denied admission to any of its programmes, be excluded from any training, be denied the benefits of training, or be subjected to discrimination in any hiring practice or activity of the University because of race, creed, colour, handicap, national origin, sex, age, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or religious belief. SOUMA is the only private University so far in Malawi that admits visually impaired students.”

Max De Pree

“We cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are.”

Bill Gates

“Great educators have always known that learning is not something that’s limited to the classrooms, or that should be forcibly undertaken under the supervision of teachers. “

The Beginnings

“On behalf of the Founder, the University Council, Faculty, Staff and Students, welcome to ShareWORLD Open University’s celebration of 20 years of excellence in higher education. When the Founder started the University in Blantyre in 1994 – with five students in a make shift classroom – we could never have imagined at that time that 21 years later we would have campuses throughout Malawi – Centre, South and North, ZAMBIA and SOUTH AFRICA, co-operative agreements with the universities and other institutions in Namibia, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, Israel, the United Kingdom, Nepal.
And yet, this is precisely what we have accomplished.
We take pride in quoting ShareWORLD Open University Malawi (SOUMA) as the FIRST pioneering private university to receive accreditation and the FIRST and ONLY Open University in Malawi, one that has grown and bloomed to attain unimaginable and incredible heights of glory and magnificence in academic excellence. It is the embodiment of a dream of Prof Jack Makhaza, a great visionary and noble hearted educationist, strategist, philanthropist, marketer and permaculturist who has great passion and enthusiasm to serve the globe, in particular Malawi and Africa’s humanity through education. He has a resolute and determined belief that through education one can serve the masses in a better way.
This dramatic growth can be traced directly back to our original commitment to our philosophy that students come first. Simply stated, they are the reason we exist, thus our mission, and our decades-long commitment to it, is to be accountable to our students by offering an innovative, proven educational approach with small class sizes, highly personalized teaching, hands-on practical training, and flexible scheduling to accommodate our students. And I am quite proud that this model results in a high rate of graduation and job placement in the field of study of our students. SOUMA is a unique and exquisite institution of higher learning offering a variety of value-based, career oriented academic and professional disciplines. The University is renowned for its academic excellence and it fascinates scholars at national and international level. The University provides an environment which is fully conducive to all academic pursuits.
The University does not only TEACH but inspire too to successfully contest, compete and confront the global challenges through RELATING and CHALLENGING. We strongly believe this is the only way we can make our students to be worthy citizens of a global society. This is why our students compare well if not surpass others at all levels and work places.”

Accreditation: Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation

“To protect the interests of learners every sensible government will put in place several requirements that must be met before an institution can be accredited as an institution ofhigher learning. In this way learners are provided with necessary assurances regarding the quality and reputability of the learning institution and its programmes.
Share WORLD Open University was first accredited in 2007 by the Malawi Government through the Department of Human Resource Development and Training which has now handed over the mandate to the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). Our programmes, undergraduate as well as graduate programmes adhere to and fall within the quality assurance and accreditation regulations of the NCHE. Accreditation when issued properly is therefore a validation.
I hope SOUMA will definitely match your desired standards and needs in relation to your educational needs in all disciplines. I gladly welcome once again and invite our young men and women having potential to become talented and intellectuals rather the most successful people in the world to come forward and join our University to become precious members of the SOUMAfamily and nation of great thinkers.”


To be recognised as a top premier open admissions academic institution that imagines and influences the future, continuously developing values-driven, highly competent and innovative programmes by:
• Supporting advancement of thriving disciplines as well as new areas of interdisciplinary excellence.
• Providing students with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to become leaders in a world characterized by rapid change and increasing interdependence.
• Nurturing a community of exceptional scholars who are cooperative and collegial, functioning in an atmosphere distinguished by support, mentoring and inclusion.

• Pursuing distinctive opportunities to build on our special features, including our relationships with world-class institutions.

Our Mission

Seeking to bring about the best in Others We realize this through:
• Scholarship and creative endeavor that draws on all forms of inquiry.
• Leaming that is active, creative and continuous.

• Promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship.


Rerum Cognoscere Caucas

Our Objectives – inter alia

• Foster the development of an expanded view of self by exposure to a diversity of value systems, cultures, philosophies and integration of synthesis and connectedness ofknowledge.
• Equip people to pursue their purpose with passion and perseverance for life.

• Continuously review programmes to measure performance, outcomes and responsiveness to our nations in particular, Africa and the world in general so as to ensure that they are relevant to the problems of the developing countries.

• Establish vibrant global partnerships through international network of scholars.

Guiding Values

In all that the University does, we will:

• Set Standards for Others to Follow

• Aim high • Strive to control our destiny

• Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship

• Be inclusive, treat each other with dignity and respect and promote citizenship

• Value excellence, quality and service

• Foster innovation and creativity

Our Core Values

Submission to God, Giving, Success, Service to Humanity, Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism
Further we are committed to certain fundamental values, shared throughout the higher education sector, including:

• academic freedom

• the pursuit ofknowledge and understanding

• a sound academic disciplinary base

• a methodology based on reason and evidence

• social responsibility

• transparency
Our core values define our university culture. They guide how we make our decisions and how our staff, students and stakeholders work with each other.

Why choose us

Our graduates are contributing at the highest levels in their chosen professions.





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